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Become Speedkit sales partner !
Speedkit Chiptuning looks for world-wide sales partners.

Speedkit is the enterprise with strongest growth in the Chiptuning industry

With our 20-year old experience in the development and the selling we are a strong partner for dealers,who want distribute the chiptuning

The 3 most important advantages:

The speedkit functions problem-free, and the customers are content.
The customer can make the installation.
You do not have to deal with unnecessary returns of dissatisfied customers

Sometimes we speak with dealers, that traders with their current suppliers due to poor quality are not satisfied. In Speedkit you get top quality, which also works. We are the manufacturer, in partnership with a long and well you can work together.

Importantly: In Germany you receive the Speedkit exclusive with us.

At present we look for sales partners abroad international. Please send us your price list for dealers their commercial status.

Please use the following left, in order to open the form for registration for de

PDF Download Form for registration for dealers




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