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More power based on electronic changes:

What is chiptuning?
Chiptuning is a morn facility to increase efficiency of vehicles. Up to 30 % more power can be achieved, sometimes even more. In addition, torsional capacity is considerably increased and fuel consumption is reduced. This is practically possible with all morn vehicles that have electronically controlled fuel injection, but only recommendable with turbo injection.

Speedkit is a chip tuning plug-in. Increased efficiency is achieved through the connection between Speedkit and the common rail plug.

Speedkit: An electronic boost to increase your vehicles efficiency usefully without having affect on standard security electronics.

Speedkit is installable within few minutes, there is no need to manipulate the engine controller.

There are two possibilities to implement Chiptuning:
We distinguish between well known chip tuning due to software modification and optimisation based on Speedkit chip tuning electronic boost.

At chip tuning due to software modification the serial EPROM is removed from the engine controller and either replaced by a new chip, or a new software is installed over the on-board diagnostics interface. Increased efficiency due to software modification is primarily based on manipulation of engine maps.

Under the optimisation based on Speedkit chip tuning electronic boost there is no need to intervene in the controller. Rather, optimised values of the simultaneously indicated electronic boost are passed to the engine controller instead. That’s why the controller calculates the increased efficiency by itself.

standard engine controller
Image of a standard
engine controller


What advantages offers electronic boost compared to chip tuning?
Every manufacturer adds a fail-safe program to his engines. If the electronics receives any value that doesnt correspond to the tolerance, the engine shuts down to its fail-safe program.

This program is saved on the serial chip. If the chip is replaced by another one, the whole fail-safe program can possibly be deleted.

Due to the fact that the electronic boost does not intervene in the controller, the fail-safe program doesn’t change either. As a consequence, its guaranteed that the engine wont sustain any damage of the electronic boost.

We arranged an expanded listing of comparison here at your disposal.

Speedkit chip tuning electronic boost
Image of the
Speedkit electronic boost

Wikipedia: Chiptuning ( link opens in new window )


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