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  Chip or Box?
Both chip tuning methods by comparison:  

Chiptuning based on
software modification

Chiptuning based on
Speedkit electronic boost


You are not able to carry out this procedure. You will have to approach a chip tuner on site. Installation and commissioning of Speedkit is as easy as if you were connecting a printer to a computer. You plug in, off you go.
The original automotive software is manipulated and changed that the engine can possibly be damaged. In many cases, it is necessary to solder so the vehicle doesnt often run free from defects anymore.
Speedkit has its own software inside its electronics which influences the engine that way to increase its efficiency by itself. As a consequence, it is impossible to cause any damage to the vehicle.  
Chiptuning is verifiable. You cannot reconstruct the original condition of your vehicle.
You are able to demount Speedkit yourself in only few minutes. Any previous tuning is no longer.  
After software updates of any kind, all tuning is deleted. You have to call on your tuner once again. After taking your vehicle for an inspection, you just have to plug in Speedkit again and you will feel the extra power immediately.  
You cannot outsource this kind of tuning and use it for other vehicles as well. Speedkit is interchangeable with every common rail diesel engine. All you need is a second cable set.  
The maximum speed limit is erasable. The maximum speed limit remains unchangeable.  
Only your tuner is able to change the software modifications. You are able to adjust Speedkit to your personal preferences.  


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