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  Speedkit - technology
Solid due to aluminium case.

Technically mature and tested for a long time: Speedkit-ChipTuning is not only in terms of quality and price standards, but is also technically a tip.

High-quality electronic components, digital processing technology, sophisticated software and a high-quality housing are the result of years of development. Our engineers are professionals with years of experience.

Why pay more? - Fact: Tuning kits (also Powerbox, called black box, etc.) are offered in the Internet en masse. From a technical perspective, the least tuning kits are similar to the Speedkit. Often the prices of the products by great advertising awards to be driven artificially high, and the Customer is not fair. Why pay more? - With us you get the highest quality at a low price is not without reason, the Speedkit chip tuning is already sold thousands of times and proven. Compare for yourself
Technical facts:
Digital processing and control technology
Solid aluminium case
Splash-proof IP 67
Unstressed engine
Individually adjustable
High-quality cable routing
Up to 30 % more power
up to 20 % more torque
0,5 to 1 l better fuel efficiency per 100 km
Dimmensions (in mm): 35 (h) x 60 (b) x 100 (d)

Delivery contents include high-quality connection cables.
Our chip tuning production:

Speedkit Chiptuning is characterized by a very high reliability. Many years of experience in the field of digital performance (chip tuning) allows us, a long-term testing leading product offering of DIN-ISO-compliant manufacturing. In our production will be used exclusively quality-assemblies and individual parts from the automotive industry. Solder bridges and upright parts are unthinkable with our fully automated production.

Only through a strict quality control enables us to deliver a product of highest quality. Speedkit Chiptuning also has individual settings with so-called ''jumpers'', so that each customer can increase performance or reduce even further. This provides additional flexibility. In this way, it is possible to match the extra power all the way to personal driving. Whatever you may feel about it: from the maximum driving pleasure through to environmentally conscious eco-tuning for fuel economy: Whatever you want them to stop and.

The Speedkit Chiptuning is ''Made in Germany'' ...

... our production and our company headquarters is located very close to the high-tech region of Stuttgart.
In our production does not Giesmasse is used to conceal the components and processing - we show what we have. We spare no comparison with any competitor, because we have seen a technologically perfect price-performance ratio. Unique and unrivaled in this price range: this is confirmed every day and many satisfied customers.

Professional processing and operation of the Speedkit Chiptuning electronics fit every common-rail vehicles alike and is fully interchangeable. If you have several common-rail vehicles it is possible to reconfigure the Speedkit in a few minutes, click and go. No matter what combination: BMW or Mercedes, Mercedes and Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Renault: All you need is a second set of cables, regardless of engine capacity, power and serial number of cylinders. The Speedkit thus becomes an investment with which you have long friends.

Now follows the motto: insert - - fits.

Even without knowledge of the automotive installation is finished in a few minutes.

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