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  Speedkit - Quality
Your satisfaction sets our standard!

The fact that we in the production of Speedkit great value on high quality and technical know-how set, about which we have informed on the page Speedkit - technology already.

For high quality standard is for us not only the technology ansich. Many additional factors round out the quality of our company and the Speedkit. Many customers in Germany to confirm the content Friend this philosophy.

Our competitors emphasize the quality of their products with snappy slogans. These are for example:

''Chip Tuning ECU of the latest generation''
''Most intelligent technology for your vehicle''
''Fun guaranteed: Our Powerbox''
''World first''

... we have not only spells fleet but also inform you about the facts about one in advertising waived better.

Of course, Speedkit offers these features as well

We rely on the many years of tuning experience

Gerald Reinert has been occupied for over years with the technology of the power boxes. This experience and the technical know-how is implemented in Speedkit altogether. We are proud to offer you a mature high-end chip tuning product for low-cost pricing information.

What others have to say in advertising - we deliver!

Quality means to us: Chiptuning Quality
Long-term tests, before our products reach the market.
Final check before delivery: we recheck every Speedkit on function and quality once more
Safe transport and parcel post insurance: your new Speedkit is properly packed to avoid any damage in transit
Best service: if you need any help with the installation we will support you over our technical service phone
Additional security for you:
24 months warranty from the date of sale

First Quality

your Speedkit chip tuning package will be individually adjusted for your personal benefit:
recommended increased efficiency for your vehicle, usually 25 % more power
no overuse for your engine: same durability as in serial condition
eco-tuning: fuel consumption will be reduced in spite of more efficiency
more power noticeable immediately: get in, take off, feel Speedkit chiptuning
constant fume values
rate of return leans towards 0 %. 2 - 3 follow-up orders by friends and acquaintances of respective customers
compatible with every vehicle with soot-particle filter: already since 2004
Speedkit Chiptuning
plug in, take off, be happy!

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