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... here the news and product highlights from Speedkit .

Speedkit goes worldwide !
July 2010

The Speedkit enjoys a long time and worldwide popularity .
The internationalization in several languages had to be made quickly and so we now have the website completely overhauled and also provide all documentation in the selectable languages of our website .
Now we have distributors in every continent and since 2010, nearly on every continent a Speedkit-stock for delivery .
This gives us optimal shipping routes and cheapest shipping costs and we decide during the ordering process and for the customer comes from which country the Speedkit quickly and inexpensively is .

Warranty : The Speedkit and all modules are Made in Germany

The Speedkit of superlatives is now at the start!
June 2010

Speedkit is Trendsetter !

Continuously and consistently, we develop new functions for the Speedkit, setting new yardsticks in the tuning industry .

For the first time is a tuning measure, by the customer, using the supplied wireless remote, individually programmable .

Programming is easy .

In more than 1000 variants can be saved program of vehicle as well as individual driving style parameters, and retrieve .
This different driver or drivers for 4 types (eg, sports, trailer, cozy ,...)

Speedkit - number 1 !

The Speedkit the latest generation!
August 2009

Our development team has done a great job !

The new Speedkit with 4-channel wireless remote control is available !
With the new four-channel radio remote control to control almost all functions and parameters from the driver and while driving. It is equipped with 8 switching functions .
The multi-functional multiple of the keys can open almost any driver so wish .

Of course, still the basic settings in the electronics are also preset. Such can be active immediately after starting the vehicle .

To coincide with the unique 4-channel wireless remote control with 8 software features, we deliver the software in the fuzzy ECO Speedkit.

3 power remote switchable
August 2009
In the 4-channel radio remote control in four keys are a total of eight functions via radio from the passenger compartment and during the drive on and off .
In a total of three power switch quite easily and at the radio power increase of 33%, 66% or 100% or from .
Quite on the driving situation, whether a trailer or driving in the column, select the tuning mode or the Eco-AlreadySavingMode .
An additional comfort that was not previously possible and you will enjoy for sure .

Conserve and save - both offer impressive precision in the new Speedkit .

An additional plus for you and the environment .

The Speedkit now with remotecontrol!
April 2009
The Speedkit now with remotecontrol! .

The Eco-AlreadySavingMode by radio from the passenger compartment to activate and deactivate that would be great .

Developed the software and parallel to a corresponding radio module to interference which could be integrated into the long time proven electronics .

With the help of the one-channel radio remote control can be switched by tuning mode in the EcoSchonSparmdus - and while driving .

The Speedkit has a Eco-AlreadySavingMode!
January 2009
The Speedkit has a Eco-AlreadySavingMode! .

To many requests from customers whether for the tuning of the engine is not harmful, we have developed the ECO-AlreadySavingMode .

Before long we had the first signs and how we can protect the auxiliary course even before the engine to excessive tuning. With stunning result was the most recent software development ''frozen'' and released to manufacturing .

This we have then integrated into our long-time proven electronics and those in the same operation still refined with an onboard self-diagnostics .

The Speedkit now with switchfunction!
December 2008

With the additional switching function can be Speedkit while driving to - and off. These included the switch is mounted inside the vehicle.
This switching function can be used when the road surface is slippery or greasy or when additional power is not needed.
An additional convenience in the use of the Vehicle Database.



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