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Most popular questions ...

... to the point - no ifs and buts ...
Honest, serious, reliable - that is Speedkit!

1) Does Speedkit damage my engine ?
No. Neither the engine durability nor any other concerned components connected with Speedkit will be negatively influenced but maintain their serial condition.

2) Does the delivery content include everything that I need ?
Yes. Everything you need for the installation of Speedkit is included in the delivery content. Additional auxiliary tools are not necessary. Click here to see the overview of the entire delivery content.

3) I dont have any previous technical or electronic skills.
Will I be able to install Speedkit myself ?

Normally, yes. Our special mounting guidelines are easy to understand and follow the instructions. If you have any trouble with the installation anyway, our service team would like to help you. In addition, every garage is able to install Speedkit in short time as well.

4) Is available for the Speedkit a TÜV-certificate ?
No. For this is one reason why you get the Speedkit so favorable.
Technically, the Speedkit all requirements would be fair. Experience shows, however, that just one customer for the maintenance inspection interested - even though the maintenance inspection is mandatory following a technical change to the vehicle and legally essential.
The price-performance ratio is at Speedkit in the foreground - look forward to it.

5) Can I also use Speedkit for other vehicles ?
Yes - on condition that it is a diesel engine with common rail fuel injection. Assuming you drive a BMW 320d and also own a Toyota RAV4, you can definitely use Speedkit for both vehicles. All you need is a different cable set.

6) I drive a company car, leasing car or still have manufacturers warranty. Can i use Speedkit also for my car ?
Dont worry. After the removal of Speedkit, recent chip tuning is not recognisable anymore – quite the opposite of chip tuning based on software modification where its easily comprehensible. So you can demount Speedkit without leaving a trace. Nevertheless, we recommend previous information towards the particular decision makers.

7) My vehicle still has factory warranty. Will I lose this ?
Yes - in some cases already. This is handled by the workshops and manufacturers varies considerably. Some reject the warranty completely - borders while others can be formed very precisely what damage cause by the tuning and what not.
You can avoid this discussion by expanding the Speedkit just before a workshop stay.

8) Can I also purchase on account ?
No. Please understand that we only offer cash before or on delivery.

9) How much time will it require from order to delivery ?
It depends on your order. At cash on delivery, our product is usually consigned for shipping the same day and delivered the following day (within Germany at orders until 11 am). At cash before delivery, we send you an eMail (PDF format) including our bank connection. The package is consigned for shipping when cashed.

10) Which parcel service is used to dispatch the product ?
Within Germany we use DHL (incl. parcel post insurance). To ship abroad, we use DHL or DHL according to availability.

11) I am a dealer and would like to distribute your products. How can i do this ?
Please contact us by phone and keep your trade certificate ready.

12) How realistic are the performance terms ?
The performance figures relate to new cars that are technically in good condition and match practice.
We exaggerate anything, but time and again recognize that the additional services are provided by the tolerances of the assembled parts in the vehicle, in some cases immediately. Among other things, the Speedkit are then readjusted or individually.

13) Why give to other providers higher performance ?
Well 95% of the customers only for the increase of power and so ist very good for selling the product.

14) At which mileage can I install Speedkit ?
Basically, you can mount Speedkit at any mileage. If you plan to install it at a mileage lower than 2.000 km we suggest to follow the recommended warming up time anyway.

15) Is it the Speedkit with several levels available ?
Yes you can adjust the Speedkit inside on the plate within 13 steps. Each of them are 3% difference.

You forget ? ;-)

Tuning is a matter of trust !



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