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Overview of shipping prices :
Shipping Rates: Overview
These prices are valid for packages with one or two Speedkit and are inclusive of value added tax.
In three or four Speedkit doubled the shipping price.
In five or six Speedkit tripled the shipping price.
We have more than 5 worldwide shipping store.
While the ordercreation we decide for the customer for the delivery cost and select the appropriate warehouse.
Warranty : The Speedkit and all modules are Made in Germany !
Tuning pure with no extras
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  Best Price / Performance
  More Informations? => SpeedkitBasic
Promotion ===> 360 EUR ===> 199 EUR
ECO-software with on-off switch
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  TopQuality - cheapest entry-level model with newest software
  More Informations? => SpeedkitSwitch
Promotion ===> 440 EUR ===> 239 EUR
Speedkit-ECO-Wireless 1-channel radio remote control
ECO-software and radio remote control
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  Top Handling - easy installation and with newest software
  More Informations? => SpeedkitWireless1
Promotion ===> 540 EUR ===> 299 EUR
Speedkit-ECO-Wireless 4-channel radio remote control
ECO-software and wireless remote control with three levels of tuning and is switchable to ECO
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  TopEquipment - all functions via radio remote control switchable
  More Informations? => SpeedkitWireless4
Promotion ===> 660 EUR ===> 359 EUR
Speedkit-ECO-Wireless 4-channel wireless remote control programmable
ECO-software programmable with radio remote control and 3 power of driver and switchable
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  Premium Class - for comfortable vehicles also the most convenient tuning product
  More Informations? => SpeedkitWireless4pro
Promotion ===> 720 EUR ===> 409 EUR

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